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Pharmacy Anti Fatigue Mat

Pharmacy Anti Fatigue Mats An anti fatigue mat makes standing for long periods more comfortable. One of the occupations where this can be usefull is for pharmcists and pharmacy workers. Standing all day can prove uncomfortable leading to aches and pains in legs and feet as well as the lower back. An anti fatigue mat can help alleviate this discomfort by providing a soft, cushioned surface to stand on. Click Here to view our range. As well as providing a more comfortable standing surface an anti
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New Versa Bubble Anti Fatigue Mat

Take a look at our new Versa Bubble antif fatiguie mat available to purchase in our on-line shop. This mat has raised bubbles which offer a superb cushion effect but the real advantage of this mat is that as it is constructed from solid rubber it can be used in wet as well as dry areas. Being solid rubber the Versa bubble is suitable for medium to heavy duty applications.
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Sponge Anti Fatigue Mats

People often wonder what type of anti fatigue mats they should use and today I want to speak about cellulose sponge anti fatigue mats. This type of mat provides the maximum amount of cushioning effect out of all the types of anti fatigue mats. Cellulose sponge has a lot of ‘give’ making it ideal for this purpose. Being soft it provides a great deal of ‘cushion’ effect and helps to relieve stress caused by standing for long periods. As well as the cushion effect these mats
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