Pharmacy Anti Fatigue Mat

Pharmacy Anti Fatigue Mats

An anti fatigue mat makes standing for long periods more comfortable. One of the occupations where this can be usefull is for pharmcists and pharmacy workers.

Standing all day can prove uncomfortable leading to aches and pains in legs and feet as well as the lower back. An anti fatigue mat can help alleviate this discomfort by providing a soft, cushioned surface to stand on.

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As well as providing a more comfortable standing surface an anti fatigue mat also encourages micro movements of the feet which help to increase blood circulation.

As a pharmacist you will generally be on your feet all day so choosing one of our anti fatigue mats will provide a more comfortable working environment for you.

Many sceientific studies have been carried out concluding that the use of an anti fatigue mat provides greater comfort compared with standing on a hard floor and helps reduce stress and can even contribute to greater productivity as workers are less tired.

Generally a pharmacy will be a dry environment and we have found that one of our cellulose sponge anti fatigue mats such as the Comfort Pebble have been very popular amongst pharmacists.

Our mats come in a range of standard sizes or we can make them up to any length in a range of widths. All mats including custom lengths have bevelled edges on all sides to help prevent trip hazards.Pharmacy Anti Fatigue Mat

There are a huge variety of anti fatigue mats to choose from which can make product selection a little daunting at times, generally our recommendation for pharmacy applications would be a cellulose sponge mat as these provide excellent anti fatige properties, however if you would like to speak to us for some guidance then we would be delighted to hear from you on 0845 226 7800.

Anti fatigue mats are available for phramacy’s, chemists, drug stores etc and as antifatigue matting experts we are always happy to offer friendly advice and you can view our range here