Sponge Anti Fatigue Mats

People often wonder what type of anti fatigue mats they should use and today I want to speak about cellulose sponge anti fatigue mats.

This type of mat provides the maximum amount of cushioning effect out of all the types of anti fatigue mats. Cellulose sponge has a lot of ‘give’ making it ideal for this purpose. Being soft it provides a great deal of ‘cushion’ effect and helps to relieve stress caused by standing for long periods.

As well as the cushion effect these mats also insulate against cold floors enhancing the comfort of the worker.

Although sponge mats are ideally suited for this purpose they should be used in medium duty applications and in dry areas only. This makes them ideal for packing stations, shops, post rooms, hotel receptions etc.

Cellulose sponge antifatigue mats are available in different colours and latterly even come with decorative top surfaces such as marble or wood effect which makes them ideal for use in customer facing areas.

We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to anti fatigue mats and are very happy to offer help and advice with your selection.