Anti Fatigue Mat Types

Many anti fatigue mats are constructed with a sponge bottom layer which helps to give the mat its anti fatigue properties. However if you intend to use the anti fatigue mat in areas where oil, water or chemicals are evident then an anti fatigue mat made from 100% nitrile rubber would be essential

Until recently anti fatigue mats always looked industrial in appearance, however in recent years a range of anti fatigue mats are available in a range of attractive designs including marble effect and wood effect top surfaces. These are now very popular for use in commercial and retail environments such as hotel reception areas and shops.

Anti fatigue mats are available with anti slip properties and bevelled edges all designed to help prevent trip or slip accidents.

Cellulose sponge anti fatigue mats do offer the best anti fatigue properties as they are softer and have more give. However due the the construction they are only suitable in dry medium duty areas. They are unsuitable for areas where pallet trucks may be wheeled across them as the softer construction may cause them to tear. For heavier duty applications, rubber anti fatigue mats should be used. Although they are firmer than sponge mats they still provide a great anti fatigue benefit and are much tougher making them suitable for use in the heaviest of industrial areas.

In areas where there may be oil or chemicals a rubber mat constructed from Nitrile rubber should be used as these are resistant to oil and many industrial chemicals.

If you are unsure as to which type of anti fatigue mat would be suitable for you, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will very happy to offer advice and assist you with your selection.